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Hello dear Zec+ community and sympathizers. For once, this article is not about supplements, nutrition and training. At least not directly. This is about how we sleep. Have fun reading!

Five reasons to sleep naked!

We know how important sleep is. Since the article, “Sleep Longer, Get Faster” , we know that the duration of our sleep directly affects our performance. But have any of you ever thought about whether it even makes sense to sleep dressed? After all, special sleepwear has been around for centuries. But as with many things in life, only evolution shows that not always as is and was good. Maybe you should sleep naked starting today? With the current temperatures at the end of July, surely not such a bad idea, right?

A happier relationship?

In 2014, it was found that couples who slept naked were happier within their relationship. After all, that was 57% of the people surveyed. What’s the reason for that? Nudity means, absolute trust in the other person. If we are naked, we have no “protection” around us. More happiness in the relationship also means having more space for other things!

Problems falling asleep and staying asleep? Melatonin could provide relief, and without side effects!

Less diabetes?

They say sleeping naked can prevent diabetes. How is that supposed to work? Adult humans have a small amount of brown fat. This brown fat is also called “good fat” because it can improve insulin sensitivity! We know that diabetes can be a result of poor insulin sensitivity. This is where our cells don’t respond as well to insulin and more of it needs to be produced. Sleeping naked prevents night sweats, which can often be caused by a short but intense overheating. The body temperature drops, creating a good environment for brown adipose tissue.

Could surely already help one or the other to fall asleep better!

Better hygiene

You may find it hard to believe, but sleeping naked can improve personal hygiene! Women in particular benefit from this, as the intimate area is better ventilated and thus prevents the formation of bacteria due to a warm and humid climate. Of course, this also applies to men!

Improved immune system

Skin contact with our partner can lead to an increased release of oxytocin. Oxytocin is not only released during/after sex. It not only serves to strengthen the bond with our partner, in that it strengthens it, but also has positive effects on health. It can lower blood pressure and speed up healing processes. In addition, it lowers cortisol.

Better sleep by controlling body temperature

When it is a little cooler, it not only has positive effects on brown fat, but also on our sleep. People who suffer from insomnia and wake up regularly have been shown to have a higher body temperature. This can be counteracted by sleeping without clothes, especially on hot days/nights.


So, we can see that sleeping without clothes has some benefits and thus can have an impact on our workouts, diet and muscle growth! Of course, you should not expect miracles, who drives too high a calorie surplus, the additional brown adipose tissue will not do anything either 😉